Life Ministry Institute

About Us

istock_000007573102xsmallCertification & Accreditation

This institute is certified by Foursquare Christian Education, a ministry department of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. This certification is not accreditation, rather it is evidence that the school meets academic requirements specifically for licensing purposes. Under this process, upon graduation and appointment in a Foursquare church, our graduates will be eligible to apply for Foursquare International licensing.

A Brief Look at our History

Life Ministry Institute was launched in 2005 to prepare followers of Christ for work in the harvest field. The vision for a certified ministry institute at Northwest Church is to provide a foundation theological training and ministry experience.

Life Ministry Institute will prepare students to: become pastors, serve as part of a church planting team, join a church staff at Northwest or another church, serve on the mission field, participate in tent-making ministries or continue on with a theological education.

Core curriculum and formal electives are offered during the first three quarters of every academic year, with a fourth quarter summer break. In addition to formal core training a student must complete a mentorship in one or more of the ministry areas of Worship Arts, Congregational Life, Pastoral Care, Resource or Outreach (Missions).

In March 2005, Rev. Jim Crawford was brought on staff as institute administrator, under Rev. Curt Lueck, Congregational Life Director. On April 14, 2005 the institute council first met. The institute was formally organized and NWC business council approved the application for institute certification through Foursquare International May 21, 2005. At that meeting the name “Life Ministry Institute” was selected and approved. A course catalogue and application package were prepared and distributed by June 2005. Rev. Frank Greer came on staff in July 2005 as Pastoral Care Director, and LMI supervision was transferred to that ministry area.

Classes commenced on Saturday, September 10, 2005. In the first quarter, there were 26 registered students. Fifteen of these were full-time. LMI was first certified by the Executive Staff Committee of the Board of Directors of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel to operate LMI as a Formal Bible Institute with Rev. Jim Crawford as the LMI Director in January 2006. Subsequently, with the growth and development of LMI, we have added a position of president. Our first president was Rev. Frank Greer. Frank left LMI to continue work as educator for FMI in December 2016 and Randy Strash was named president of LMI.

LMI presented a lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible and sponsored a field trip to a Scroll exhibit at Pacific Science Center in October 2007. In March 2007, LMI sponsored a Video tour of the Holy Land. Administrative Assistant to the LMI staff was added in April 2007. In May 2007, LMI received an exemption from the WA State Degree Authorization Act to offer graduating students an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies (ABi).

In 2014 LMI launched several new courses on Spiritual Formation in the areas of Calling, Gifting and Character. These courses were directly designed by our Chancellor, Rev. Dr. Steve Schell.